Paradigm Creative Group - Nanu Singh - Chief Technical Officer/Lead SEO
Nanu Singh

Chief Technical Officer/Head SEO and Data Analyst

As a skilled and experienced technical marketer and computer engineer, Nanu is dedicated to helping businesses achieve digital success. His comprehensive and result-oriented strategies, combined with a data-driven approach, have helped numerous businesses across a range of industries, including financial services, satellite technology, medical & biotechnology, e-commerce, IoT, SaaS, automotive, and wellness brands. With expertise in Web/Mobile Architecture, SEM, Conversion Optimization, Agile Software Development, and more, Nanu has helped businesses of all sizes achieve their goals through technical marketing, media buying, scalable funnel systems, e-commerce, and product development. In addition to his technical expertise, Nanu also excels in technical business consulting, helping clients to develop and implement effective strategies for growth and success. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the digital world, he has helped businesses navigate the complex and rapidly-changing landscape of the modern economy.