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We are a full-service web, media, and marketing agency, comprised of experienced consultants—each with their own teams—to deliver results far beyond your expectations.

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Full Website Design & Implementation

Transform your website into a bounce-resistant, traffic-driving machine with our comprehensive web design services. Paradigm’s full-stack developers work behind the scenes to make your vision come to life. If you can dream it, they can make it a reality. Every aspect of your website will be carefully crafted to turn clicks into cash.

Branded Design & Animation

Make your mark with branding and design that spreads your message with conviction and magnetic appeal. Our designers will work closely with you to deliver a brand image that suits your vision and allows your company to excel visually.


Creative content is what makes your business stand out in the crowd. With informative and engaging SEO-optimized blogs, high traffic-driving landing pages, and direct response sales funnels that convert like clockwork, Paradigm’s experienced copywriters will elevate your brand to a position of authority.

Corporate Consulting

With 15 years of marketing experience for businesses across a diverse range of fields, Paradigm CEO James Lang brings a wealth of expertise and growth-oriented strategies to the table to take your business to new heights. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

In an era where organic, online searches make up 53% of website traffic, SEO is crucial. Using proven, data-driven SEO practices and targeted brand-specific keyword research, Paradigm will elevate your rankings and make room for your business on the first page of every web browser.

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

High-quality visuals can make or break your brand—Paradigm’s visual effects team will keep potential clients coming back for more with eye-catching, informative visuals that educate your target audience and bring your website to life.

Video Production

Taking your online presence to the next level depends on your brand’s visual appeal. Paradigm’s video team has the experience and knowledge to plan, shoot, and produce video content that shows off your brand and expands your audience. Products, interviews, testimonials, educational videos, and beyond—our team is prepared to produce exceptional videos to elevate your band.

Ad Campaign Implementation & Management

Ad campaigns are often the first thing a client or customer will see from your brand. We recognize just how important robust, thought-provoking ad campaigns are for the success of your business—Paradigm’s focus on quality over quantity means your brand will be represented by carefully crafted ad campaigns using proven implementation and management methods. Learn More

Social Media Content Creation & Management

Social media is king. Consistent content and a strong online presence can often mean the difference between success and failure for any brand. That’s why our small team of social media specialists is focused on crafting your brand’s online presence through attractive visuals and community engagement.