Paradigm creative group is a full service web, media, and marketing agency, comprised of experienced consultants each with their own teams to deliver results far above your expectations.

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What We Do

Full Website Design & Implementation

Turn your website into a bounce-resistant, traffic-driving machine with our full web design services. From copy to creative to functionality, every aspect of your website will be crafted to turn clicks into cash.


Creative content is what sets your brand apart from the crowd. With informative and engaging SEO-optimized blogs, high traffic-driving landing pages, and Direct Response Sales Funnels that convert like clockwork, James will elevate your brand to a position of authority.

Search Engine Optimization

In a time where organic search makes up 53% of website traffic, SEO is crucial. Using proven data-driven SEO practices and targeted, brand-specific keyword research, James will skyrocket your rankings and make room for your business on the first page.

Branded Design & Animation

Make your mark with branding and design that spreads your message with conviction and magnetic appeal.

Corporate Consulting

With 15 of marketing experience for businesses across a diverse range of fields, James brings a wealth of expertise and growth-oriented strategies to the table to take your business to new heights.

Emotion Graphics, Visual Effects

Keep audiences engaged and coming back for more with eye-catching, informative visuals that educate and bring your website to life.

Our Team

James Michael Lang

Owner/ Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and CEO, James Lang drives the Paradigm operation with eighteen years experience in the digital marketing space. Prior to launching Paradigm, James captained media and marketing projects at six world-renowned companies: Patron, Zumba Fitness, Diagio Liquors, Paul Mitchell, GAIA, and Centropix. James’ professional history includes roles as creative director, public relations officer, logistics manager, production leader, app development coordinator, SEO specialist, content writer, and salesman. In his free time James enjoys spending time with loved ones and friends boating, riding motorcycles, exercising, camping, and snowboarding. 

Sam Worseldine

Creative Director

Sam can make any video come to life. Whether you are looking for something to be explained, your brand to finally have a ‘feel’, or just a top of the line professional looking video, Sam is your man. With years of editing experience he will take whatever direction given to him, and come out with something beautiful. In his free time, Sam spends time with his wife and baby girl, and enjoys living the simple countryside  lifestyle. 

Erika White

Chief of Operations

Erika is head of the Social Media operations at paradigm, as well as the Chief of Operations. Erika manages all social media platforms that unite the creation of branding, product advertising, SEO sisterlinking, and interaction with clients/users. Erika also oversees daily operations of Paradigm Creative Group and assists with all accounting and client inquiries. In her free time, Erika enjoys working out, wakeboarding, snowboarding, offroading and camping.

Annie Lindgren

Head Creative Designer

Annie is an exceptionally talented web design specialist, with a background in coding and programming. She has extensive web knowledge and works diligently to make your website vision come true. She is skilled in multiple website building platforms, and has incredible ability to bring your ‘idea into design’. Her creative touch is unmatched, and if you can dream it, she can design it. Annie loves spending time exploring, meditating, and practicing yoga. 

Nanu Singh

Chief Technical Officer/Head SEO and Data Analyst

Nanu is extremely skilled in everything from Key Words, to Backlinking, to in depth Google Analytics. He is a master of the backend of what pushes websites, blogs, and products forward on the web based sales platform that the world runs on today. If your dream is to be the #1 blog in the nation or have one of the top ranking products on google, Nanu and his team can make it happen for you! Nanu enjoys spending time with his family and friends, going to the gym, and loves his Nuggets. 

Muhammad Adeel

Head Web and DEV

Muhammad is increadibly skilled in programming and all DEV functions. He and his team have created countless highly-functioning websites and apps, and will be sure to follow through in realizing your dream. Any app, or technical function you would like to integrate into your business, Muhammad will make it possible. He and his team have outstanding turnaround time, and will work tirelessly to see that all aspects of your website, app, etc. are operating at top efficiency! In his free time Muhammad loves spending time with his family, taking his kids for fun life experiences, and going shopping.

Frank Gilinski

3D Art and Graphics Specialist

Frank is a graphics specialist that is trained in 3D renditions and moving graphics. He will make a still object, truly come to life. His skills involve creating special effects to match specific briefs using a combination of hand-drawing techniques and computer software. Frank can create medical illustrations to create 3D images of anatomy for use in research, health, and diagnostics. When he is not creating beautiful renderings and effects, Frank spends time with his wife and twin girls, going to their dance classes, and playing outside.

Don French

Head Copyrighter

Donnie French is an extremely adept copywriter, with a background in business and financial relations. From blogs, to website copy, to mission statements, Donnie and his team will help you realize your company's vision, and put it into the words that best speak to your audience. Donnie played golf in college, and still enjoys playing regularly. He is an avid yogi and believes that a strong, healthy body leads to ultimate vitality. 

Alex Barlotta

Content Writer & Creative Specialist

Spreading your message is all about establishing authority. In the sea of brands and content, you have to make waves. Specializing in writing and editing creative content, Alex amplifies your message with passion and enthusiasm to drive traffic, boost sales, and build you an army of loyal followers.

Nicolas Haughn

Graphic Designer

Nic is both a fine artist, and a graphic designer. He has many skills in the creation of website graphics, infographics, health/science descriptors, and logos. If you have an idea for what you want your logo, brand, video, or page graphics to look like, Nic will bring it to life! In his free time Nic enjoys hiking beautiful Colorado, practicing his fine art painting, and playing/creating music with his band!

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