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Our Marketing Campaigns Start with Precise, Effective Project Management. From day-to-day operations to full-scale business development, Paradigm is prepared to help you grow your business through detailed planning and high-level management.

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Every million-dollar company starts with a vision—to take advantage of untapped market potential with an innovative business model.

But every savvy business owner knows that time is money. And without prompt, practical business management, a million-dollar idea is bound to fail.

Our unique project management and consulting model is designed to streamline the path to success, whether you’re an experienced business owner or you’re just getting started.

It all starts with your vision. Continue reading to learn more about our project management and consulting strategies.


The conceptualization stage starts with getting to know you and your business model. We’ll discuss your vision, set realistic goals, and define the resources you have available. This vital stage of project management allows our team to understand your business, and create an initial marketing plan for your business.

With decades of project management experience, Paradigm C.E.O. James Lang knows exactly how to create a lucrative business. He’ll guide you through every step of the process, from conceptualization to success.

Our commitment to communication means you’ll be in the loop 100% of the time, and our small team allows us to stay in close contact with all of our clients.

We find that developing a strong relationship with our clients from day one leads to the best possible outcome.



The planning stage is about organizing and optimizing your business plan before full-scale development begins.

We tailor each marketing plan to suit our clients’ needs, but our general model looks something like this:

Priority task organization

Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive list of wants and needs for your business. We’ll assign, change, and consolidate tasks in our centralized online platform to ensure your marketing plan moves along efficiently.

Project Analysis & Timeline Creation

For our team, communication is key, and transparency is just as important. This step allows us to set realistic goals and a solid budget for your marketing plan.

Timeline Optimization

Businesses are dynamic and ever-changing, particularly in the planning stage. Thus, we’ll break down your timeline into smaller chunks to allow room for new ideas and changes to your business model.

Communication & Contact Implementation

We’ll schedule recurring meetings with you while keeping you in contact with our team via Slack to ensure ideal communication from start to finish.

Our planning stage is designed to be modular. Dynamic planning and diligent project management allow us to create a marketing plan that works for your business, not against it.



After our team has a detailed understanding of your goals, we’ll set your marketing plan into motion following the pre-established timeline.
Necessary changes to web/graphic design, copywriting, SEO, and our other marketing services will be made by the Paradigm team.

As the lead project manager and consultant, James Lang will serve as a bridge between you and the Paradigm team, allowing us to make alterations to your marketing campaign on short notice.

Alongside unparalleled cooperation and communication, our small team size allows us to work closely with every client.

In other words, our mission is to make your business a resounding success as efficiently as possible.



Throughout the business development process, James Lang and Paradigm’s other team leads will monitor our progress and relay any necessary information to you. You’ll stay updated on lead generation, customer reach, search engine hits, and other statistics that show the improvement of your business in real-time.

We’ll maintain our timeline and update your business portfolio with new content within a centralized location, so you can monitor our progress.

Of course, this stage can include any changes you’d like to make to your marketing plan, whether that’s simple tweaks to your online presence or widespread alterations to your brand image.

Our small, focused approach to marketing means you’ll have the ability to adjust your business model without sacrificing your timeline.




We recognize project management and consulting are often what makes or breaks a business. For that reason, every one of our projects starts and ends with comprehensive management.
With James at the helm, Paradigm will steer your business toward success. Not every project provides a 7-figure outcome, but we won’t quit until the job is done right.

At completion, we’ll continue checking in to make sure your new business is running smoothly.

Even after most of our work is done, James and the other Paradigm team leads will be available to consult you on long-term marketing strategies and even new business ventures.

Break the Marketing Mold with Paradigm

Often, project management and consulting are invaluable resources even after your company is fully developed.

So, we want to make ourselves clear—Paradigm Creative Group can provide expert management and consult for businesses in every stage of development.

Our commitment to close team and client relationships, custom-tailored business plans, and proven marketing strategies mean we aim high, and we never miss the mark.

It’s in our company name—we’re creating a new paradigm for successful business models, and we’d love to help you grow your business.

Paradigm Creative Group - James Lang - Owner/Chief Executive Officer

James Michael Lang

Paradigm CEO, Project Manager, and Business Consultant